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Droptop Launches New Auto Detailing Software

While Droptop is known for modern, cloud based oil change shop management software, the versatile application is now equipped with all the right features to run your physical or mobile auto detailing business.

Droptop can run all aspects of your detailing business including: tracking customers, fleets, vehicles, invoices, inventory, servicing history and book appointments with ease. There is so much Droptop can do to make running your business more efficient. More specifically, a few of those areas include customer management and appointment setting.

Customer Relationship Management

Don't just keep track of customers, with Droptop you can manage customers and vehicles! Keep track of the servicing history on each individual vehicle. Book appointments with customers and send them automated reminders as well as invoices and receipts over email. You can also add before and after images directly on the invoice to show your customer the improvement. Droptop also has the functionality to allow you to create custom lists and image uploading.

Appointment Setting & Dispatching

Quote customers over the phone and book appointments directly in Droptop. Schedule those appointments and dispatch them to team members. Automated update emails will keep your customers informed on any changes to the appointment and reminder emails will make sure they don't forget about their appointment. Droptop is 100% real time, so your dispatching office has visibility to the status of every appointment.

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